Why Kili Climb Africa Safaris?

1 – Locally based company

With the knowledge and field experience  and  in this way we will show you the truth about all what Tanzania offers.

2 – Provide

We do our best to bring the prices of private Kilimanjaro climbing trips & safaris down close up to group safaris prices. Having a shared safari is a great way to meet new people and save some money, especially if you are traveling alone. But we believe that people who want to do the safari alone don’t have to pay a fortune to do it. When a safari is private, we are completely flexible. We can change any program in any way the customer may want.

3 – Dedication

Even though we have grown from a small company to an established one, we still put all our effort and love in each and every tour. A climbing trip or safari could be a violent experience, sometimes things can break or  plans can change. Anyhow, you will not find a company that will work so hard for you to make sure you have a fabulous experience no matter what cross our way.

4 – Our Crew

All our crew, every single one from guide to porter are dedicated, and they will share their best experience in the field to make your travel personal. Our crew are paid fair salaries and become an active part of our work, we always welcome to propose changes and improvements. These makes us work with more joy and pleasure together.

5 – Customer Support

When you contact our customer support, you will not be speaking with any office staff that has no idea of whom you are, you will be always speaking directly with the directors of the company, who know everything about your itienary and are working hard for you making sure your expectations are met and exceeded. We have a responsiveness and attention to your emails that is unrivaled in this industry, and you can expect an email to be answered in just a few hours, sometimes just minutes.

6 – Foods

Our cooks will prepare the best foods for you, we make sure you will never leave the table hungry. We use local seasonal food, picked from markets and local farmers by our crew as a way to support local people as well as saving the environment. If you have any dietary needed, you just tell us we will sort out everything. The result? Fantastic fresh food.


Our experienced guides have a proud summit success rates of between 95% – 98% and have safely guided a lot of clients to the top of the mountains. We are in a position to provide you with in depth advice and first-hand knowledge of the mountains. Essential advice on how to climb Kilimanjaro, or Mt Meru as well as details regarding the level of difficulty and the duration of a climb, we will have a dialogue about.


With us we take your safety as number one priority, so we don’t negotiate about it, in all our tours we bring the first aid equipment that could be needed like First aid kits, oxygen cylinders as well as wilderness first aid trained guides.

9 – Eyes vision

Beside from the eyes of you and your guide, with us you are guaranteed to be provided with quality binoculars which will make a huge difference in the quality of your safari and your overall satisfaction. Luck plays a major part in a safari, there will be several moments when you will only see animals from far away (for example, a leopard eating a gazelle on the top of a tree). With the binoculars we provide, you will be able to bring the animals very close to you, with such a crystal clear image that you just forget you are using them.

10 – Camping conditions

If you are doing a camping safari, you will be happy to know that all our tents are quality and seasonal tents, there will be enough of space for you and we assure you there will only be dry nights. If you choose, we stay in tented campsites which already have their own tents installed. These tents are huge (you can stand up inside them, and they have real beds (solid, wooden beds) inside them so your comfort is drastically increased).

11 – Support to local communities

By enriching our safaris with cultural activities, we are able to give some of the tourism benefits to the local villages.

12 – Our prices

Last but not least, we operate with some of the best prices in the market, especially when it comes to private Climbing trip and safaris. It is possible to find cheaper agencies as there are certainly many cut-price companies operating, but we operate a fair-traded policy where we employ only qualified local staff and pay them the fair rates and we do not compromise on vehicles, park fees, equipment and services, besides providing above average equipment to our customers.

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