Our Story

If you expect to be the best then you can never exploit your workforce. Kili Climb Africa Safaris tries to keep all of our team constantly involved and well paid. We attempt to create a career path for all of our team to progress through training and sponsorship opportunities. We expect and hope that the best of our teams will one day run their own companies and teams with a similar ethos and commitment to their fellow workers. Kili Climb Africa Safaris is an equal opportunities employer and we do have a written series of commitments that make up our code of conduct.

How we started

In the making Kili Climb Africa Safaris we worked through the combined experience and vision of over 50 dedicated Kilimanjaro and trekking specialists from senior managers to porters. Most of the Kili Climb Africa Safaris team have been working together since 2009 shaping the way we do business and that makes for a very dedicated and closed team. It is that team is Kili Climb Africa Safaris. Members start at the bottom and work up – after all if you have been a porter as a guide you can properly emphathise with their position and earn their respect.

Career progression

At Kili Climb Africa Safaris the formal career progression path for most team members is as follows:

  1. Porter
  2. camp crews
  3. Trainee guide
  4. Assistant guide
  5. Head Guide
  6. Trip leader

Our management team is also made up from head guides and trip leaders that have taken the initiative and shown interest in Management. Wherever possible we always try to hire from within and promote according to initiative and competence backed up by supplemental training.

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