Scenic Northern Safari Circuit

Scenic Northern circuit

The Northern Circuit is home to a number of  Tanzania’s iconic destinations. These majestic names include the highest free standind mountain in the world Kilimanjaro,  Serengeti National Park, Tarangire park, Lake Manyara  park , Rubondo Island, Lake Victory, Mkomanzi  National  park-{ The best place so far to easly see Black Rhino as there is a Rhino Sanctuary} , Arusha  National park [where mountain Meru stands ], and the Ngorongoro Crater ,Olduvai Gorge, Lake natron,  Oldonyo  lengai – Mt of God, Lake Eyasi-a home of  bushmen’s, Laitolia  foot prints, Empakai crater and Olmoti Crater . It stretches from Arusha (where you will begin your safari journey) to the western reaches of the Serengeti.  Getting the most out of a trip along the Northern Circuit will require spending a couple of days driving to different destinations and spending a good amount of time at each.

Culmination of the tour

First-and-foremost amongst a profusion of highlights on the northern safari circuit is the Serengeti National Park, encompassing 14,750 square kilometres and making up 50% of the wider Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, this is an iconic wildlife area. Sensational scenery dominated by expansive savannah grasslands and peppered with distinctive flattop acacias and balanites trees make this one of the most picturesque landscapes in all of Africa. Throw in 1.7 million wildebeest, 300,000 zebra and 400,000 gazelles and you have a wildlife spectacle second to none. The Serengeti Ecosyteam and its surrounding reserves offer safari accommodations and experiences to suit most budgets from low range to super luxury accommodations.

The best and popular visited destination on the northern Circuit

The Serengeti National Park: When people imagine a Tanzania classic safari  they most  probably envision the plains of the Serengeti. With its beautiful landscapes and abundant  wildlife, the Serengeti is the place to go to get your wildlife viewing safari fix.

Ngorongoro Crater  : The Ngorongoro Crater is a heaven  for wildlife. The world’s largest, intact ,unfoding and unbroken Caldera known as  crater is home to a large concentration of diverse wildlife which co-exists harmoniously within the crater walls. Visit for breathtaking views and plentiful game viewing.

Lake Manyara National Park : Lake Manyara is famous for the flocks of pink flamingo which cover the lake’s surface. Keep an eye out for the tree-climbing lion that like to relax in trees nearby. Visit for a unforgettable wildlife and birdlife sightings of over 500 different distinctive birds species.

Tarangire National Park: Along with the large herds of buffalo, zebra and wildebeest, large herds of elephant meander through Tarangire National Park making for big and exciting game viewing. Tarangire is quieter than the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater so visit for a less busy safari that is filled with incredible wildlife.

Western Corridor [Grumeti River ] In Serengeti : In June/July, the Grumeti River in the Western Serenget National Park i is the place to be to witness the most dramatic stages of the Great Migration. Watch as the herds make the treacherous river crossing before moving onto the perilous banks of the Mara River.

Mara River-The biggest  migration Crossing Points: One of Earth’s most spectacular wildlife events takes place each year in the heart of eastern Africa, culminating at a river crossing where nature coldly decides who lives to see another season.

Mount Kilimanjaro: One of the most breathtaking sights in Tanzania seeing the highest free standing strato-volcanic Mountain in the World . Even if you’re not climbing it, stopping under its foots steps  to take in the view of Africa’s highest peak is a definite must-do.

Best Time to Visit: The best season to visit Tanzania is definitely during the Dry Season which runs from June to October. The weather is milder and there is little rain. The dry weather also means the vegetation is less thick making animals easier to spot. Wildlife congregates around water sources also making for easier sightings.

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