Majestic Western Circuit

Get to know the Tanzania scenic western circuit

Tanzania wildlife is a gem and a dreamed safari destination for most of travelers, You can select   from the number of region with various unique attractions  but if you wish to see chimpanzees then you are on the right destination known as Western Circuit. This Circuit may not be as popular as the Northern Circuit, but  it exists and it can provide you a memorable experience, especially when it comes to Chimps trekking.

Where is Western Circuit located?

This Tremendous region borders Lake Tanganyika which is the dividing line between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo {DRC}. There different ways of accessing this circuits either by driving which takes about 800km{497Miles} and for those who will opt this option we highly recommend to have  one night on one of the region nearly to kigoma region. The second fastest and easiest way is by flight, with who ways either from Arusha Airport or Dar-es-Salaam Airport {NOTE that if you will be in a group of 5-8 persons you can hire a private jet/aircraft. There are limited scheduled flights each week with the dry season between June and October, which are the best times to consider this region. Small aircraft fly from Arusha via the Southern Circuit to the Western Circuit. And in this tour you can combine a visit to Mahale national park and Katavi National park.

Where You Will Go and What You Will See

Gombe stream National Park has got its fame from Jane Goodall’s after her lifetime commitment to chimpanzees in this biosphere reserve ,  it is just one of three places within the Western Circuit. Mahale Mountains National Park on the Lake shore is a much larger Park with limited habituation of chimps and hence an experience that provides a better idea of chimps in their natural environment.

Gombe Stream National Park was established half a century ago and covers around 40 square kilometers of tropical forest, valleys and some grassland. It can only be accessed by boat. The chimps are not dangerous at all as they  are used to human sights  and to that extent; their behavior have changed over the years. Overall you will be accompanied by an armed ranger on this trek.

Getting in  Mahale National park require a boat on the way in and out after enjoying a marvelous worthwhile chimps trekking  on foot. Its believed that there are about  1,000 chimps in this Park which covers 1,600 square kilometers of mountain and forest.

Sometimes chimps can be seen after a pleasure walk, which can be an exacting path of the hike, so you need appropriate clothing and footwear. If you don’t find  the chimps, at any rare chance, you can often take a seat and watch them as they play on or under  the trees, ignoring your presence completely. Apart from chips the following primates can also  be seen , Red Colabus Monkey , velvet monkey , red tailed monkey  and blue monkeys. Yellow baboon, are other regular encounter, so you need to have your camera ready.


Its approximately 150-kilometre drive  to the southeast of Mahale

It covers 4,500 square kilometers, This park is among of the biggest National Park in the Country but the least visited but is one of the most beautiful parks with spectacular sights include prides of lions ,elephant and buffalo. Katavi has two large plains and woodland habitat. Hyenas are regularly seen though leopard and wild dog are more elusive.

The River which is home to hippos and crocodiles is the only source of water in the dry season, June to October, which is definitely the season visitors should prioritize.

Migratory birds arrives late summer but there are enough residents birds such as spoonbills and raptors to complex  and fulfill your dreamed Africa safari

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