Tipping Suggestions


It costs each trekker about $55/day to tip the entire climbing crew (ie: leading guide, assistant guide(s), porters and a cook), so for a 6 day trek, it would cost you about $330 for tipping{NOTE THAT this is just the guideline suggestion so if you will be able to exceed it your defiantly alowed } and tipping is done at the end of trip.

The recommended tips from a group (not for each climber) are as follows:

  • Leading guide: $18-25/day
  • Assistant guide: $14-20/day (for each assistant guide)
  • Porters: $6-10/day (for each porter)
  • Cook: $14-18/day
  • Cook’s assistant/waiter: $6-12/day

Typical number of crews for a climb is as follows: *

  • 1 climber:  1 Guide, 4 – 5 Porters, 1 Cook
  • 2 climbers:  1 Guide, 1 Assistant Guide, 9 – 10 Porters, 1 Cook & 1 Cook’s assistant
  • 3 climbers:  1 Guide, 1 Assistant Guide, 11 – 12 Porters, 1 Cook & 1 Cook’s assistant
  • 4 climbers:  1 Guide, 1 Assistant Guides, 15 – 16 Porters, 1 Cook & 1 Cook’s assistant
  • 5 climbers:  1 Guide, 2 Assistant Guides, 20 – 21 Porters, 1 Cook & 1 Cook’s assistant
  • 6 climbers:  1 Guides, 2 Assistant Guides, 24 – 25 Porters, 1 Cook & 1 Cook’s assistant

* The above crew numbers are based on all routes except Marangu route. On Marangu route we stay in huts, which means a fewer number of porters as there are no tents which need to be carried on that route. It results in an average number of 3 porters per climber on the Marangu route Versus 4- 5 porters per climber on other routes.

The above are just recommended tipping amounts and can be tipped more or less depending on how satisfied you were by services provided by your climbing crew.

Our office staff will meet with your group at the end of the climb to get your feedback on how the trek went and we always appreciate any suggestions that may improve our services. Also, if there were any problems on your climb, we ask you to mention this to the office staff and to the booking agent who has handled your booking.

Our goal is to employ and keep the best staff, and make sure our climbers have great memories of their climb, which will bring them back and recommend us to others

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